Abela silent on Muscat’s public building takeover

The Office of the Prime Minister has refused to confirm or deny reports that disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is using a public building in Sa Maison as his private office.

Earlier this week, Malta Today reported that a government-owned property in Sa Maison was searched by police at the same time as Muscat’s residence in Burmarrad.

Prime Minister Robert Abela also refused to reply when asked to confirm if Muscat is using government property for his personal use, under which terms is he doing so, and to identify the building.

No replies were given by Castille.

Muscat, who was forced to resign in January 2020 after just six years in office, also ignored questions from The Shift.

The public property reportedly being used by Muscat in Sa Maison

Unconfirmed reports received from sources close to Muscat told The Shift that the former Prime Minister is frequently seen at a discreet office which forms part of a larger, recently renovated building used by Transport Malta’s Land Directorate.

The office has a separate entrance at the rear of the TM building and can be reached from a car park behind Pieta’s iconic Vecchia Dogana building, now used as a restaurant.

The Shift is informed that the building allegedly being used by Muscat was recently upgraded with the installation of new windows and a general refurbishment, and the dirt road leading to it has also been given a fresh look by government employees.

The entrance of the ‘Muscat office’ leads to the top floor of this public building

Muscat does not hold any public office and is not entitled to make use of any government property.

According to tradition, former Presidents and Prime Ministers are allowed to continue using an official car and driver and to have a personal assistant paid through public funds. Some, including Muscat, are also provided with a personal security detail.

The police “raids” carried out last week, the first-ever of a former Prime Minister, are related to an ongoing corruption inquiry into a €2 billion contract that Muscat’s government awarded to Steward Healthcare for the running of three state hospitals.

The Shift has already revealed how the government paid Muscat an unexplained €120,000 golden handshake from taxpayers’ funds upon his sudden departure from office.


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2 years ago

Not ideal preparation for prison…

2 years ago
Reply to  viv

I fear any of them ending up in prison will remain a pipe dream. All their money will have been moved to yet more secret offshore companies from knowledge gained since the ICIJ first started exposing them all – just think about Egrant and how nobody knows, or at least won’t admit to knowing, who the beneficial owner is.

They have probably all got their second passports sorted as well on the back of the knowledge gained operating that scam too to disappear into the sunset.

These are professionals who have been honing their skills for years safe in the knowledge that there was never a chance of prosecutions being brought in Malta.

We just have to hope the international community has decided it has had enough of being treated as idiots and will bring in true professionals to blow them all out of the water.

The only solution in my opinion.

Paul Vella
Paul Vella
2 years ago

Why do we have to keep paying for an official car, chauffeur and personal assistant to a disgraced politician?
Tradition!! BULLSHIT!

2 years ago

La l-Prim Ministru u lanqas Joseph Muscat m’huma jinnegaw wiehed jista jasal ghall-konkluzjoni li dak li qed jintqal huwa kollu minnu.X’governanza din. Issa nehilsu mill-Grey Listing

carmelo borg
2 years ago

Bobby is ikkonfermajt li int immexxi bic cinga min Muscat. Qed ikkollok toqghod kif jajghdlek.

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