Speaker to investigate The Shift’s revelations on MGA direct orders

Speaker Anglu Farrugia said today he will investigate the details behind a story published by The Shift earlier today that revealed Economy Minister Silvio Schembri misled parliament on information he was asked to give MPs about direct orders awarded by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The Speaker’s investigation, to be followed by a ruling, was prompted by Opposition MP Ryan Callus, who had originally asked for the information in a parliamentary question.

Taking the floor immediately after parliament reconvened this afternoon, Callus presented a copy of The Shift’s news story and asked the Speaker for an investigation.

“The Shift News has today revealed that the Economy Minister (Silvio Schembri) and the MGA misled parliament by withholding a number of direct orders from the list presented to parliament,” the PN MP said.

“This is a very serious matter and shows how the government is also trying to deceive the people’s representatives while dishing out direct orders to those close to him paid by taxpayers funds,” Callus said.

“One of these direct orders, withheld from parliament consists of a payment of €5,000 a month,” Callus added, referring to information about a direct order to Labour pollster Vincent Marmara, one of many contracts not included in the list presented to parliament.

Farrugia said he’ll investigate the matter and give a ruling in the coming days.

The Shift today reported that a list of MGA direct orders presented to parliament last month excluded several contracts, which had been redacted from the original MGA list.

These included direct orders given to several Labour loyalists, including Vince Marmara, lawyers Cory Greenland and Veronique Dalli (sister of Energy Minister Miriam Dalli), and newspaper Malta Today, part-owned by government PR advisor Saviour Balzan.


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2 years ago

One can only hope that this does not end up being another dead end investigation which is fudged to protect the providers and recipients of these illegal payments.

Arrests,prosecutions and jail sentences would be a real bonus.

2 years ago

He will ask his lawyer to refute everything because he is there to safeguard the interests of the government.

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