Key witness in Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination hospitalised with slit throat

Reports that Melvin Theuma’s throat was slit are not consistent with claims that he attempted suicide, medical sources have told The Shift.

The self-confessed middleman was found with his throat slit in his own home while police stood watch outside on Tuesday night in Triq is-Sirk, Swieqi. Neighbours who witnessed the commotion contacted The Shift as they saw an ambulance and police cars, including Inspector Keith Arnaud, at the scene.

One of the police cars that arrived at the scene on Tuesday night. Photo: Joanna Demarco.

The police issued a statement in the evening saying the first indications were that Theuma was suffering from serious injuries after he had apparently “hurt himself”. A magisterial inquiry has been launched.

Theuma has been hospitalised suffering from near-fatal injuries. The Shift’s journalist on the scene reported the emergency parking area at Mater Dei was cordoned off by the police, with some four emergency vehicles present. The entrance to the Emergency Department is still guarded by the police.

The car park at the Emergency Department at Mater Dei cordoned off by the police after Melvin Theuma was hospitalised. Photo: Gabriel Schembri.

Theuma received a controversial presidential pardon to reveal all he knew about the accused mastermind of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination – Yorgen Fenech.

The compilation of evidence against Fenech is scheduled to continue on Wednesday morning. During last week’s hearing, Fenech’s lawyers pressed Theuma to admit that he had paid €30,000 to former police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar in exchange for his pardon. Both Arnaud and Theuma have denied the allegation in court.

Cutajar is yet to testify after delays in last week’s session resulting from Fenech’s lawyers insisting that a recording be found, which they claim would prove the payment was made. Wednesday’s session is expected to address the matter of the missing recording.

Additional reporting by Gabriel Schembri and Joanna Demarco.


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