54 Days Until Race Day

After almost a year of not exercising as well as around 6 months of bed rest, and birthing a small human being, today I hauled myself out of bed, dusted off my running shoes, put on my favourite Abba playlist (shhh) and headed off to the lake for a run.

I decided to start with 5km, half of the final distance, which equates to one lap of the lake- part of the route that I will be running on 13 October. Having not done anything more strenuous than carry my daughter or lift a wine glass over the last two-and-a-half months, I thought it was best to start at a power-walking pace. 

This is how it panned out, kilometre by kilometre:

1km: Look at me glide, this is so easy, I missed a calling as an athlete, I might do the full 10k today.

2km: Ouch that hurts, maybe I should slow down a bit.

3km: What the hell was I thinking, I could still be in bed.

4km: I am ready to die, goodbye cruel world, my nails are sweating, I could sleep on that bench, the real runners are laughing at me, oh look there’s a dog.

5km: Almost done yeah, woohoo, pumped! Same time tomorrow woooohooo… maybe. Ouch I didn’t even know I had a muscle there.


I am running for press freedom and to support the work that The Shift News does in holding those in power to account. To donate to this excellent cause, and to keep me motivated- you can donate here. 



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