New venture launched to focus on ‘those in danger of neglect’

A new venture in corporate social advocacy has been launched to champion actions targeting those in danger of neglect, primarily children.

‘Advocacy for Legacy’ brings together major players from the corporate sector, academia, activism and the professions to contribute collectively and constructively on social issues over a sustained period.

It will start as a forum championing the wellbeing of society through a concerted effort by academia, industry players, NGOs and other players who seek to address societal ailments through a focused and well researched approach.

The focus will primarly be on children “who are increasingly facing challenging situations resulting from inadequate upbringing as a result of economic pressures, substance abuse and other difficult circumstances hindering child development,” according to the statement.

The initial efforts will focus on the academic research done by the University’s Faculty of Social Wellbeing, where sociologists and experts will analyse and identify a number of issues (through research conducted by students) that necessitate immediate, preventive action across a number of societal strata.

Through the participation of the corporate sector, companies will be invited to engage their workers in championing the actions taken by Advocacy for Legacy.

NGOs working with children will be roped in as the forum will develop into a Foundation with the objective of  implementing a programme of initiatives among target audiences who are in danger of societal and economical neglect.

The Foundation will facilitate and implement actions to ensure that the economic progress of the country results in improved societal wellbeing.

Over 40 professionals will be engaged from the start, according to the Executive Chairman of Corporate ID Group Jesmond Saliba.

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli and PN MEP Roberta Metsola have also endorsed the vision and will work together to raise the issue of child neglect on the EU agenda, according to the statement.

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