EXCLUSIVE: Footage of St Vincent de Paule residents evacuated after flooding

Residents were this morning evacuated from the RB2 ward of long term care facility for the elderly because of flooding, despite the government announcing a €10 million investment in the residence.

Footage taken from a mobile phone was this morning sent to The Shift News showing wards filled with water after Malta was hit by rain yesterday. Staff are seen busy moving patients out of the flooded RB2 ward.

Water is seen seeping through the ceiling and down walls. As wards are left empty, towels are laid out across hall and bathroom floors to try to absorb the water that entered the facility.

St Vincent de Paule residence houses some 1,000 patients who receive care at the residence. The residence is a public funded entity, with the residents’ contributing 80% of retirement pension and 60% of other income.

In July 2016, the government announced a €10 million investment on a restoration project in three phases at the Rużar Briffa complex at St Vincent de Paule which provides treatment to more than 165 elderly residents.

Last year, phase one was completed with the restoration of three wards at the Ruzar Briffa hospital following a €6 million investment.

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