22 Gozitan civil servants hired during electoral campaign

NSO figures published today reveal that the number of public workers in the ‘public administration and defense sector’ has shot up by 1,266 in the year leading up to the general election.

Although the percentage of civil servants increased in both Malta and Gozo by the same rate, all 22 new public servants employed between May and June 2017 hailed from Gozo. None were from Malta.

Between June 2016 and June 2017 the number of workers engaged in public administration in Gozo increased from 887 to 977 (+10.1%) and in Malta from 11,996 to 13,172 (+9.8%).

But Gozo also registered a spike in employment in ‘administrative support services’.  The number of Gozitan workers in this sector shot up from 781 in June 2016 to 1005 in June 2017.  Of these, 65 were hired in the final month before the election.

While in Malta employees in this sector increased by 12%, in Gozo these increased by 27%.  But it is unclear how many were employed  in the private sector. These may also include workers in companies subcontracted by government agencies and departments.

The NSO statistics indicate that the largest surge in this sector was registered in landscaping activities and security.

Claims of a spike in government jobs in Gozo were confirmed by Gozo Business Chamber President Joe Grech immediately after the general election.

NSO statistics also show that the number of mechanics (repair of vehicles) in the public sector has shot up from 90 in June 2016 to 295 in June 2017.  This amounts to a staggering increase of 228%. The increase in workers in this sector took place in the months before the general election because in September 2016 the numbers had risen to only 93.

Another sharp increase in public employment  was registered in the water supply, sewerage and waste sector where the number of employees increased by 199 in a year.  This amounts to a percentage increase of 18%.

But while overall jobs in the public sector increase by 3%, jobs in the private sector still increased by 8%.

Between June 2016 and June 2017 registered full time employment in the private sector went up by 8,634 persons, while public sector full-time employment increased by 1,367 persons.

These figures are the latest that have emerged on jobs and promotions handed out before the election in other units, such as the Armed Forces.


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