Three gifts for Malta’s political leaders

Boxing Day got its name from the Christmas box; a present or gratuity given as thanks for good service throughout the year. We thought these gifts would be appropriate for Malta’s political leaders:

Joseph Muscat: Caviar

Joseph Muscat and his crew have established close links with Azerbaijan, well-known for its caviar diplomacy or the methods used by the Aliyev family (also known as The Corleones of the Caspian) to buy the silence of the international community over its corruption and lack of respect for human rights.

But the reason why Muscat deserves some expensive caviar, preferably Beluga from The Caspian Sea, is the fact that his government has its own form of ‘caviar diplomacy’, using the power of incumbency to dispense jobs, permits and favours in return for votes and complicity.

Adrian Delia: A week with Brian Tonna

The PN leader’s problems with the taxman have been well documented and questions have been asked over his ability to repay his tax debts now that his income has been drastically slashed after becoming Opposition Leader.

Who better than Brian Tonna from Nexia BT to solve Delia’s problems? He proved to be highly efficient in setting up complex financial structures for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and his ‘star’ Minister Konrad Mizzi to help them in their ‘tax planning.’

Marlene Farrugia: Dancing lessons

The former Democratic Party leader can surely grab people’s attention. Last July, she started playing the cymbals during the Our Lady of Lourdes feast in Qrendi. This proved more popular than her dance moves on stage during the 2017 electoral campaign.  Any instructor up for the job should be cautioned she does not take orders easily.



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