‘Eliminate him’: MEP David Casa targeted for abuse

In a string of insults hurled at Nationalist Party MEP David Casa on Facebook, one user went as far as calling for his elimination.

The MEP was called a “snake” and a “traitor”, amid a list of posts filled with vulgar language hosted on the Facebook group ‘Laburisti sal-Mewt’ (Labourites till we die). The abusive language reached the point where a member said, “eliminate him”.

“I will continue my work irrespective of insults and threats. The consequences of being silent and complacent are far too severe,” David Casa told The Shift.

Threats against PN MEPs have become commonplace following the rule of law debates in the European Parliament.

Sources close to Casa said that the verbal abuse has intensified after Casa formed part of the delegation of MEPs investigating the rule of law in Malta, as well as Mr Casa’s announcement that he is in possession of a “damning” FIAU report that shows the police should initiate a criminal investigation against Minister Konrad Mizzi.


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