New study: Development permits used as political tool in Malta
The number of granted development permits has skyrocketed since
Social media experiment shows promise in the fight against misinformation
Emotionally charged language, personal attacks, false comparisons, and deliberate
How to brainwash partisan viewers in 3 simple steps
A new study examining the impact of partisan media
PBS classified as state-controlled media in new study
A new tool to assess the editorial independence of
‘Women journalists in Malta have to go against partisan politics, misogyny and societal boundaries’
Verbal abuse against women journalists has become legitimised through
COVID-19 survivors face lingering health issues 6 months after leaving hospital – study
Healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly concerned that the long-term
Cash-for-passport schemes raise issues of ‘conflict and cooperation’
An economic study into citizenship-for-sale schemes within the European
Russian trolls sow doubt about safety of vaccines
Russian trolls have been spreading a disinformation campaign on

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