Air Malta taking bookings for flights that will never take off
Although it will be closed down, Air Malta, the
New Lands Authority scheme tailor-made to benefit the Prime Minister
A new government scheme aimed at bypassing the competitive
Prime Minister roped in father to help negotiate Steward Plan B
Prime Minister Robert Abela roped in his father, former
PM manoeuvre to get IVF bill enacted is a page out of his father’s playbook
The controversial IVF law was signed yesterday by Acting
Government ‘repeats’ 2013 AFM takeover, promotes deputy commander twice on same day
Following three weeks of office politics which left the
Soldier fast-tracked to senior rank now leads Identity Malta despite controversy
Mark Mallia – President George Abela’s right-hand man at
Speaker eyeing third term
Anglu Farrugia, the former Labour deputy leader who has
Sister of PM’s wife appointed to four different government boards since 2013
Alison Zerafa Civelli, the sister of the prime minister’s
Calling political party station case a ‘PR stunt’ misunderstands positive impact for democracy
To dismiss online news portal Lovin Malta’s court case
Corruption destroys unity
Malta’s significant drop in the Corruption Perceptions Index has

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