The oppression of silence
We have learnt nothing. We are still the same,
‘They asked us if we’d be carrying placards’: Are COVID rules being used to stifle protest?
An NGO dedicated to the promotion and safeguarding of
‘Malta must uphold right to expression and assembly’
The removal of the protest memorial set up for
The world remembers Tiananmen Square
Thirty years ago today, the Chinese government ordered soldiers
Venice Commission report critical of government’s intolerance of criticism
The Venice Commission insisted in its report published today
Protest messages, candles and flowers removed yet again
The messages, candles and flowers laid at the foot
What’s in your head, Zombie?
There’s a process in linguistics known as fossilisation, in
‘Daphne was right’ is the message marking 13 months since she was killed
‘Daphne was right’ appeared on banners and graffiti overnight
Minister of Censorship in the midst of the European Capital of Culture
Reżistenza Malta activists pinned the Justice Minister’s face next
Malta for Dummies #9: Facial recognition – the technology we deserve?
In Malta, where everything is upside down and topsy-turvy,
No man’s land: Square around protest memorial site also blocked off
The barricade surrounding the Great Siege monument that served
The Dictator’s Handbook #7: The luxury of freedom
As a leader, once you’ve come to power, rewarded
‘Urgent’ restoration works on Great Siege monument not yet started a week later
The ‘restoration’ works the government claimed were needed on
Disinformation Watch #18: Freedom, justice and Owen Bonnici’s empty words
Following Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen

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