Eurobarometer: Maltese fear declining standard of living, trust EU democracy more than Malta’s
Aqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. The majority of Maltese are
70% of Maltese get news from social media, highest in EU
Malta has the highest rate in the EU of
The country knows – Kevin Cassar
Silvio Schembri just gave away public land worth over
Persons of trust: employers want full disclosure and performance audits
Malta’s employers are demanding full disclosure when it comes
Half of Maltese unsatisfied with democracy in Malta – Eurobarometer
Half of the Maltese population is not satisfied with
Freedom of speech top priority for Maltese – Eurobarometer
Malta was one of the top countries in the
And what have you done?
“Malta has always been the whore of the Mediterranean,”
Concern that online hate speech could lead to more violence in Malta
Malta ranking first for online hate speech in Europe

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