The Constitution and its enemies
For over a decade I have been advocating wholesale
Keeping things in check #2
We at The Shift were not exaggerating when we
Denting the supremacy of the Constitution: Chamber of Advocates says new Bill ‘unacceptable’
The Chamber of Advocates has expressed “serious reservations” about
Prime Minister still pulling all the strings of power
The Council of Europe’s Venice Commission – officially known
Seize the moment
Sunday afternoon turned out to be quite surreal. As
Democracy is dead, long live democracy
Word has it that when the Venice Commission report
The Constitutional Carnival
“A constitution should be short and obscure” – Napoleon Bonaparte
The perils of Constitutional reform
Constitutional reform has been on the political agenda for
Constitutional Reform: An Iceland in the Mediterranean?
The present government clearly has an electoral mandate to
Of Protests and Business as Usual
In today’s Malta the majority of Maltese people have
Hands off the Constitution!
Based on how our environmental and planning laws were

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