Mizzi compensated for being ditched so PM could appoint sister-in-law
Former Transport Minister Joe Mizzi, 72, one of the
Prime minister’s brother-in-law receives direct order for unspecified legal services
Prime Minister Robert Abela’s brother-in-law, Albert Zerafa, has been
Abela attempts to buy the silence of disgruntled former junior minister
Prime Minister Robert Abela last week tried to temper
Abela’s cabinet being less transparent with their earnings than Muscat’s
Prime Minister Robert Abela’s Cabinet is being far less
New cabinet recruits keep income under wraps despite code of ethics
Eight new cabinet members appointed by Prime Minister Robert
Robert Abela’s programme in two words
There’s a rule of thumb that distinguishes a democratically
How to hire talent
Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor, has his

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