Turkish crypto boss who hid in Albania, laundered money in Malta, sentenced to 11,196 years
Crypto boss Faruk Fatih Özer, who stashed millions of
Crypto-fugitive who hid €13 million of client funds in Malta to face justice
An Albanian court on Monday ordered the extradition to
US State Department’s ‘rare rebuke’ indicates US ‘has lost patience’ with Malta
The travel ban imposed by the US Department of
Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo picks individuals from his district to serve as ambassadors
Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo has nominated two of his
Investigating attacks is how journalists should fight back
The Shift News investigation into the network of secret
Turkish women sentenced in Malta with false documents at risk of ‘extraterritorial abductions’
Two Turkish women, Rabia Yavuz and Muzekka Deneri, were
Suspected Indian fraudsters on the run used Henley and Partners to seek foreign passports
Two Indian fugitives suspected of involvement in a €640
The price of corruption is coming home
Every ‘larger than life’ figure has its trademark. With
Throwing cash at the scam of the two-headed man
Steward Healthcare wants more money from you. They’re also
Raw deal: Exporting a healthcare model that’s ‘designed to fail’
When Joseph Muscat, a backbencher, turned up at the
Albanian government passes law putting online media under State control
The Albanian government has passed two laws that will
Exporting fraud: How a scam on public hospitals in Malta reached the poorest, most corrupt European countries
The model for the privatisation of Malta’s public hospitals
‘Journalists must come together, not attack each other’ – OSCE forum
The recent phenomenon of journalists attacking journalists, motivated by
Government mum on Malta’s failure to sign global media freedom pledge
The Maltese government has failed to sign a pledge
At least, we’re not Malta
We’re not Malta, fortunately. That was the sentiment expressed
Opposition to forced registration of online portals in Albania
The Albanian government has presented a draft law that
Can independent media survive where the rule of law is under threat?
A free and impartial media is the fourth pillar
‘Smear campaigns against journalists on the rise in Europe’
Smear campaigns against journalists coordinated by politicians are on
Vitals busy negotiating international contracts while seeking bailout in Malta
From Oman to the Balkans, VGH has been busy

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