Diverting public attention from the story that won’t die
In the make-belief land of Malta, perception matters more
‘Getting Things Done’ while everyone is stuck in traffic
Ian Borg may be ‘Getting Things Done’, but you
False neutrality isn’t non-partisan
The Council of Europe said this. Muscat said that.
At least, we’re not Malta
We’re not Malta, fortunately. That was the sentiment expressed
Creating a climate of fear
I once robbed from the rich and gave to
Your MPs have to do better than that
Government politicians and their hangers on have stuck a
There’s a new game in town
There’s a new game in town. Well, it’s based
Divide and rule
The streets of Malta are choked with cars, and
Will Neville Guffaw have the last laugh?
The worst kept secret in Malta has finally been
Joseph is the leader Malta deserves
The Maltese Dream of piracy and easy money is
Whose line was it anyway?
Let’s play a game of “Whose Line Was It?”
BOV and Malta’s toxic reputation
“Your business is doing too well. I’m afraid we
Tourism in the Concrete Age
You know what tourists don’t like? Paying for an
They’re laughing at you
I thought it was a joke at first, or
How to institutionalise mediocrity
“I voted for you. Now you have to do
Who belongs in Malta?
The drive-by shooting of three migrants shows us that
An allergy to responsibility
An epidemic is sweeping across Malta. It has already
Impunity reigns in the realm of ‘il-King’
Joseph Muscat hasn’t saved a cent in the past
Killing freedom, one pawn at a time
Mark Anthony Falzon insists that press freedom in Malta
Land of contradictions
The United States has often been called the “land
Democracy is not mob rule
What would you do if your electrician said it’s
The great pretenders
The walls are closing in on Malta — but
Are they really out to get us?
Malta sure has a lot of enemies for such
Theatre of the absurd
Patrick Dalli didn’t get the result he wanted in
A Tale of Two Maltas
We’ve never had it so good. We’ve never had
Nothing to see here
According to Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, Malta’s financial services
Pravda in the Med
“The Party is always right.” At least, that’s what
Is this the future of Malta?
“We used to have picnics here,” the old man
Wash your dirty linen at home
“Wash your dirty linen at home.” It’s something we’ve
Which Malta will it be?
“All foreigners who don’t like it can muck off

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