Is this the future of Malta?
“We used to have picnics here,” the old man
Wash your dirty linen at home
“Wash your dirty linen at home.” It’s something we’ve
Which Malta will it be?
“All foreigners who don’t like it can muck off
And what have you done?
“Malta has always been the whore of the Mediterranean,”
‘Gravity is just an allegation’
“I have mastered the art of levitation.” “But Chowsef…
Look him in the eye
Ever stumble across a dead body? It happened to
Sorry, but…it’s your fault
“I’m sorry I ruined your shirt.” “I’m sorry I
Sorry man, can’t tell you
“So how much are we paying for that?” “Sorry
Better to hide than save the day
“I didn’t like all his songs, but John Lennon
Hey, look over there!
Every time Joseph Muscat’s government is exposed with some
Public roles and private rants
In an ideal world, you can say whatever you
The appeal to hypocrisy
I’d been caught red handed. I felt a flush
Where’s the personal accountability in Malta?
A government minister is politically responsible for what happens

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