PD files no-confidence motion against Konrad Mizzi

Godfrey Farrugia Joseph Muscat

Partit Demokratiku (PD) Leader Godfrey Farrugia and MP Marlene Farrugia submitted a motion of no confidence in Minister Konrad Mizzi earlier today.

“In 2016, in Parliament, Mizzi had claimed that his secret financial structure was set up for estate planning reasons,” Farrugia said.

He said that what started as doubts at the start of the “energy saga” in 2013, when the Labour Party was elected to power, have grown into an “extremely suspicious” serious of events that are now “indisputable facts” by establishing the owner of 17 Black.

“It is clear that Minister Konrad Mizzi’s position as minister is now untenable,” Farrugia said.

A probe by The Times of Malta and Reuters revealed that 17 Black is 100% owned by Yorgen Fenech of Tumas Group, which forms part of the Electrogas consortium behind the gas power station pushed by Mizzi and Joseph Muscat in the 2013 election.

Leaked emails had shown that 17 Black was set to pay Mizzi and Schembri’s companies €150,000 a month. They showed that 17 Black was one of two sources of income for the Panama companies Hearnville and Tillgate, set up by Muscat’s consultants Nexia BT for Mizzi and Schembri a few days after they assumed office in March 2013.

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