Arrest in Nepal for trafficking of workers to Malta

An education consultancy operator was arrested in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Friday on charges of sending workers abroad and leaving them stranded in foreign countries, including Malta, according to The Kathmandu Post.

Khadka was allegedly sending Nepali workers abroad illegally, charging hefty sums. A special team of the Nepal Police’s crime division arrested the operator of Catchy Education and Training Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Purushottam Khadka, 41, from his office on Friday, the daily newspaper reported.

He was found luring unemployed youths with lucrative jobs in countries like Malta, Azerbaijan, Poland, Estonia and South Africa.

Police made the arrest following complaints that some of the people who were sent by the consultancy were left stranded in Azerbaijan.

Following a tip-off, the team raided the consultancy firm and arrested Khadka and also seized 25 Nepali passports, a laptop, 18 stamps of different government offices, including notary public, cheque books and payment receipts. Police also recovered three passports with a visa for Poland.

He will face charges for operating as a recruitment agency without the necessary licence, the police are reported saying.


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