Il-Kenniesa activists rise to the challenge to support The Shift News

The bad weather did not stop Il-Kenniesa activists from participating in the 2018 Malta Marathon today to support The Shift News.

The list of runners includes: Sophie Bonnici, Sarah Carabott, Philippa Rizzo Naudi, Francesca Pecci, Rachel Pace, Estelle Spiteri, John Said, Jeremy Debattista, Greta Psaila Savona, Debbie Caruana Dingli and Luana Zammit.

Most of them have no history in running marathons, but they took on the challenge “to support a free press”.

Il-Kenniesa Malta Marathon team

Il-Kenniesa is a group of young activists striving to challenge Malta’s political system. Visit Il-Kenniesa’s Facebook page for more information. To support the campaign, click here.


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