Mgarr petrol station proponents ‘not Labour donors’

ODZ petrol station proponents Halmann Vellsix clarify that donation to Labour Party was not made by Halmann Holdings which they partly own, as indicated in the Labour Party’s original declaration to the Electoral Commission, but by Halmann Vella.

Mgarr ODZ land earmarked for petrol station and cafeteria

Halmann Vellsix Ltd who are proposing an ODZ petrol station and cafeteria in Mgarr have written to The Shift to clarify that a €10,000 donation to the Labour Party was made by Halmann Vella Limited, a company which officially has different share holders and directors. The two companies are also registered on different addresses.

The Shift had reported that  ”Halmann Vellsix is subsidiary of the Halmann Group which was one of seven donors who donated €10,000 to the Labour Party in 2016.”

The statement was based on the fact that the donation was registered by the Labour Party as being from Halmann Holdings of which Halmann Vellsix is a share holder. This was also reported in the media.

Halmann Vellsix has sent us correspondence showing that the donation was made by  Halmann Vella Limited.

A letter was in fact sent by the Labour Party to the Electoral Commission on 10 May 2017 stating that  the donation was made by Halmann Vella Ltd and not by Halmann Holdings Ltd. A copy of this letter was sent to The Shift.

Halmann Vellsix Limited described this as an “oversight committed by the administration of the Labour Party” which had been addressed.

The proposed fuel station which also includes a cafeteria, a car wash and an auto-parts shop is being proposed on ODZ agricultural land along Triq Temi Zammit between Mosta and Mgarr. The application was presented by Nazzareno Vella.

In its first assessment of the application, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) warned that the proposed interventions would result in the deterioration of the landscape of the area.

According to ERA approval of this application would see the introduction of new commercial type activities including a cafeteria which are not compatible with the surrounding natural area.

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