ODZ industrial park proposed in Mellieha

Malta Industrial Parks (MIP) has resurrected a proposal to develop a micro industrial park on a 6,300 square metre site in the vicinity of a reservoir and a quarry at it Tomna in Mellieha, off Dawret il-Mellieha which had been first proposed in 2005.

The site is currently occupied by abandoned buildings and is marred by construction material dumped on it over the years but is located in the vicinity of protected areas.

location of proposed industrial park (dark blue)in vicinity of protected areas (light blue)

MIP justifies the use of this site as an industrial park because this would “ give “purpose and value to the site” and also offers an opportunity for landscaping works.

But the development would introduce traffic and industrial activities in close proximity to areas designated for their high landscape value and ecological importance due to the significant population of Sandarac gum tree.

Plans indicate that the proposed workshops will be constructed over two storeys.

Concept drawings of proposed industrial park

The site had been identified as a micro enterprise park in a site selection exercise conducted by the Planning Authority in 2005. The policy was meant to relocate existing industrial activity in residential areas to eliminate the inconvenience caused by such activities.

Back than it was specified that development was to be limited to one storey and a semi basement.  The need to safeguard the nearby reservoir was also mentioned.

An application to develop the  industrial park in the area was presented in 2005 but the application was later withdrawn by the government.  In 2014 Mellieha mayor John Buttigieg had called on the government to consider an industrial park in the area.

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