Best memes from 2017

9 Maltese memes from 2017 that will make you laugh (or cry)

1. Plane in the wall

A plane belonging to Michael Ashcroft, a major donor to the UK’s ruling Conservative party, crashed into the side of a building next to the Malta airport after it was blown from its parking space by strong winds

2. Simon Busuttil’s swan song 

Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti correctly predicted the election outcome

3. Should I stay or should I go?

After first saying she would remain an MEP Therese Commodini Cachia finally decided to exchange her seat in Brussels for one in Valletta

4. Joseph Muscat turns down TimesTalk invite

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was very selective in his media appearances during the electoral campaign

5. From Baku with love 

Joseph Muscat described allegations on Egrant as the ‘biggest political lie in country’s history’

6. Windows sucks

Reactions to the collapse of Gozo’s iconic Azure Window ranged from deep sadness to dark humour

7. The FKK Acapulco saga 

The economy minister Chris Cardona denied allegations that he visited a German brothel but it did not stop people from poking fun

8. Toni Bezzina’s ODZ dream shattered 

Opposition MP Toni Bezzina withdrew an application to build an ODZ villa following the justified public outrage

9. Edward Zammit Lewis declares his love for Muscat

OK its not a meme but former tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis did a good job in expressing his love for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat by quoting Celine Dion

PN leader Adrian Delia

Deal, no deal actually

Alexey Kirienko Exante

Malta citizen list: Who is Alexey Kirienko?