Top 8 videos from 2017

1. Putin plays Sbejħa Patria

Famous for his rendition of Blueberry Hills, Russian supreme leader Vladimir Putin showed his true colours by playing the PN’s anthem in this spoof video. This ridiculed suspicions of Russian meddling in the June election.

(Credit: YouTube – Grandayy Malta)

2. Simon keeps his hat on

Labour’s youth section did what PN strategists couldn’t do in years. They made former PN leader Simon Busuttil look cool as he exited the election debate held at University.

(Credit: Facebook – Forum Zaghzagh Laburisti)

3. Tony Agius De La Cheese

Model Tiffany Pisani was asked to interview Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the campaign trail but she will be rather remembered for her memorable pronunciation of Labour candidate Anthony Agius Decelis’ name. From now onwards he will always be Tony Agius De La Cheese.

(Credit: YouTube – Running Commentary)

4. Panama Papers for Dummies

The complexity of financial structures in tax havens is not easy to understand, especially after the Panama Papers revelations involving Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi. Jon Mallia from No Bling Show braved the spin and gave us his own explanation of how things work in the global piracy industry.

(Credit: Facebook – Jon Bloggs Life)

5. Russian conspiracy explained

The Russian conspiracy inspired yet another video during the electoral campaign in May. This one raked up 144,000 views on Facebook.

(Credit: Facebook – Dar – Dar – Tuna)

6. Dear Malta, Please Stop Building

YouTube sensation Daniel Attard Kingswell regaled us with yet another gem. His take on the building frenzy hit the nail on its head and his call for action to stop the madness went viral.

(Credit: YouTube – Daniel Dean Kingswell)

7. Hitler reacts to Azure Window collapse

News of the collapse of the Azure Window sent shockwaves throughout the world and this Hitler spoof helped Malta overcome the national mourning.

(Credit: YouTube – Disco Saturn Loves To Do Subtitled Comedies and Other Things 24/7)

8. The People of Malta

This touching video by Stephen Buhagiar, Roderick Vella and Steve Zammit Lupi exposes a side of Malta which is often overlooked.

(Credit: YouTube – The People of Malta)


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