Safety in Zombieland 
The first rule of Zombieland: zombies eat brains. If
If you can, you must
Doctors are trained to heal.  They have the capability
What are they so desperate to hide?
Someone sure doesn’t want Joseph Muscat’s resignation letter to
A stillborn inquiry
This week British members of parliament railed against their
Killing freedom, one pawn at a time
Mark Anthony Falzon insists that press freedom in Malta
Profile of a Maltese troll
‘The Maltese Troll’ is a unique species in many
Prison sentences for online trolls who harassed Finnish investigative journalist
A Finnish court has sentenced Ilja Janitskin – the
Russian trolls sow doubt about safety of vaccines
Russian trolls have been spreading a disinformation campaign on
Dangerous tribalism and fake nationalism
The latest facebook threat by someone who believes that

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