Standards Commissioner passes the buck on minister misleading parliament
Standards Commissioner Joe Azzopardi has passed the buck to
Higher education licencing chair resigned after three months for ‘personal reasons’
The sudden resignation of Prof John Portelli as the
Education regulator stepped down shortly after AUM licence renewal
The chairman of the Malta Further and Higher Education
Education minister evades AUM criteria questions now three times in a row
With the American University of Malta staking its reputation
Education minister once again evasive on how AUM was granted a new licence
Education Minister Clifton Grima has once again chosen to
Previously hidden audit confirms AUM’s dismal performance
An independent audit on which the Malta Further and
Audit allowing AUM’s licence to be extended remains under wraps
A government entity responsible for issuing the latest five-year
Former UCM director-general was employed despite ongoing fraud, embezzlement charges in Italy
Concerns about Malta’s reputation as an educational hub have

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