Well that didn’t last very long, did it?
Robert Abela cast a faint glow of hope during
You’re about to reap what Joseph Muscat sowed
If you want to know the truth, read the
Robert Abela set a new record
On his first day in office, Abela gave to
Who changed Omtzigt’s Wikipedia page?
Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt described being
Just say no, Joseph
Just because someone offers you something doesn’t mean you
Malta’s exportable Art of the Shady Deal
Some countries specialise in technology, others specialise in services.
The King of Kickbackistan goes full dictator
Joseph Muscat hasn’t just stopped speaking to journalists. Now
The failed state of the man who would be il-Kink
Malta’s democracy looks like someone in the last stages
Joseph Muscat’s fight for survival
There’s a hole in the space where Joseph Muscat’s
Who’s watching the watcher?
What if Yorgen Fenech decided to ask for a
Owen Bonnici’s shattered serenity
Owen Bonnici had a bad night. Why would he
Potholes and the government meme machine
A hole is not a hole in the upside-down
Schembri finally got his day in court, and he chose to run away
Well, that didn’t go very well, did it? In
Dodging the truth on pushback
“I was mistaken when it comes to the pushback,”
Sant’s rant is a distraction
Alfred Sant is unhappy that the European Court of
‘This is not on’, said the Dodger to the fly
Dodging journalists. Avoiding interviews. Running away from tough questions.
Another paper tiger
This government has a strong record of creating paper
‘They did it, too!’
“It’s okay to give Kurt Farrugia Malta Enterprise because
How much does Malta have to give?
Malta has a racism problem, and nothing is being
Judicial schizophrenia
Justice Joanne Vella Cuschieri has ruled that Malta Enterprise’s right
Cracks appear in the government’s piggy bank
Who thought extending ‘‘interest-free’ property loans to people who
The future is female, wiping out the past
Joseph Muscat gave a speech at the United Nations
Diverting public attention from the story that won’t die
In the make-belief land of Malta, perception matters more
‘Getting Things Done’ while everyone is stuck in traffic
Ian Borg may be ‘Getting Things Done’, but you
False neutrality isn’t non-partisan
The Council of Europe said this. Muscat said that.
At least, we’re not Malta
We’re not Malta, fortunately. That was the sentiment expressed
Creating a climate of fear
I once robbed from the rich and gave to
Your MPs have to do better than that
Government politicians and their hangers on have stuck a
There’s a new game in town
There’s a new game in town. Well, it’s based
Divide and rule
The streets of Malta are choked with cars, and