Government attacks The Shift with legal Groundhog Day
Forty separate branches of the government are attacking another
Holidays in hell
I’ll always remember my first visit to Comino. Don’t
When the green’s gone, build on the blue
It isn’t enough to fill every remaining green space
The luckiest woman in the world lives in Malta – Ryan Murdock
The luckiest woman in Bormla might just be the
You’ll have your botched day in court
I’ll never forget the winter when I was served
Summer in Malta is the bomb
Another fireworks factory has exploded, spewing toxic smoke, torching
Malta is a zoo – Ryan Murdock
Malta is an open-air zoo, but the keepers are
The perils of renting in Malta – Ryan Murdock
Roadwork is in the news again as excavators create
New museum for Malta’s most lucrative industry
Malta is finally getting a museum celebrating its most
The honeymoon is over
The honeymoon is over and the piper wants to
The grey list is getting greyer
Malta is a world leader in setting standards for
It’s not me, it’s them
I can’t remember when I realised there was a
Human rights violator handed public broadcasting
The man formerly responsible for trampling on the free
Out with some of the old
The new leaders have been appointed. These are the
Quiet please, we’re voting
The ‘Day of Reflection’ is upon us. No, it
Voters in Malta love a good thief
I know ‘Only in Malta’ has become a cliche,
End times for the passport programme – Ryan Murdock
Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has put the final
Trying to make hay while bombs rain down
Robert Abela is so far out of his depth
Will Malta keep playing both sides?
Robert Abela took an evening off campaigning this week
Malta’s options are running out
The impunity enjoyed by the disgraced former prime minister
Warning shots in a veiled mob war
The Vitals mystery just keeps getting deeper. It’s not
Living on borrowed money and borrowed time
The prime minister seems to have lost the plot
The great stagnation
A great stagnation is upon us, and it isn’t
Knock knock knocking on Muscat’s door
Malta’s police are surely among the most courteous of
Chris Fearne’s perennial hypocrisy
Chris Fearne was supposed to be the ‘clean one’.
The latest attempt to castrate the press
Poor little Joe Gerada doesn’t want to be accountable
Resolutions in the land of collusion
Plague Year Two ended in a haze of smoke
Clean up your act, or someone else will
The United States sent a clear message to Malta
Is the prime minister protecting criminals?
It’s long past time for Prime Minister Abela to
An epidemic of fiscal mismanagement
The latest report from the National Audit Office (NAO)

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