Labour’s illegal handover – Kevin Cassar
Robert Abela’s government broke the law.  It knew it
The institutions are working… to protect those close to Robert Abela
The institutions are still working – but only for
Desperately defending Pilatus
“It’s not that we want to hide the truth”,
A propagandist, not a pollster
On 30 October 2022, Vincent Marmara uploaded a post
The disgraceful Broadcasting Authority
Iosif Galea was extradited to Germany by Italian authorities.
Joseph Muscat must be held accountable
“The central cause was one man… who many others
Magistrate Nadine Lia – time to go
Magistrate Lia has no decent option left but to
Abela is part of it
“How do you react to what we’ve found out
Miriam the miser and deceiver
Minister Miriam Dalli just announced we’ll be getting a
How Abela killed the commissioner
Prime Minister Robert Abela requested personal information about the
Robert Abela’s sham
“The committee sees no reason why the economic wealth
Is it too much to ask why she died?
“Over the years the AFM saved thousands of lives,”
Magistrate Lia defends lawyer Lia
Magistrate Nadine Lia is digging her heels in. She’s
Scicluna’s shameless secrecy
“It was my prerogative, and I don’t need to
The fugitive who’s not a fugitive
When is a fugitive not a fugitive? Magistrate Donatella
Disgraced former prime minister jailed
The disgraced former prime minister has finally been sentenced
The ‘institutions that work’ let Evarist Bartolo’s canvasser walk free
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. Evarist Bartolo’s former
Clayton’s fiction – Kevin Cassar
“I will stick to my word and table those
Why Abela’s done nothing
Why has Robert Abela completely ignored all the recommendations
Muscat’s mob rule
“Our voice is not one crying in the desert
Malta: a pseudo-democracy
Britain’s chaotic exit from the EU. Putin’s war in
Embracing tyrants – Kevin Cassar
“Will they call von der Leyen corrupt?  Will they
Sliding relentlessly to autocracy
Robert Abela’s new cabinet was sworn in.  Since then,
Disgraceful terms, disgraceful exits
Boris Johnson is done, and what an exit. The
The lucky lackey – Kevin Cassar
Konrad Mizzi’s right-hand man, Ronald Mizzi, turned 40 yesterday. 
The thoughtless slave is a happy slave – Kevin Cassar
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. “None are more
Jason Micallef’s disgust – Kevin Cassar
Not even Jason Micallef, ONE chairman, and Emanuel Cuschieri,
Who’s really in charge? – Kevin Cassar
Steve Cachia gave an interview to Noticias Agricolas in
Labour undermining security – Kevin Cassar
“The news was dominated by the story of Iosif
The happy fibber – Kevin Cassar
“I am very happy,” Edward Zammit Lewis declared. Had

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