Electrogas: Tumas

Tumas Energy Ltd. has a 35.17% share in GEM Holdings LTD, which has a 33% share in EGM Holdings Ltd., which in turn owns Electrogas. The shareholder of Tumas Energy Ltd is Tumas Group Company Ltd. There are nine shareholders within the group, one of which is murder suspect Yorgen Fenech.

Anna Fenech, who is one of the Electrogas shareholders as a member of Tumas Enterprises, is also the sister of disgraced former EU Commissioner John Dalli. When Caruana Galizia had first written a blogpost about 17 Black, Dalli’s face had featured in a cryptic image.

The Electrogas project is at the centre of a major scandal after leaked emails written by Nexia BT showed the two Panama companies owned by former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and former Minister Konrad Mizzi were to receive payments totalling $2 million from 17 Black, a Dubai firm revealed by the press as owned by Fenech.

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