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The Shift News is free from commercial or political interference and depends on public support.

We face weekly threats of libel suits by powerful entities that want to silence us. They come from all sides of the political spectrum as well as commercial entities used by others hiding behind their threats.

When the mainstream media were silently deleting their news stories when faced by SLAPP lawsuits from Pilatus Bank, The Shift News was the only news portal that stood up to Henley and Partners’ threat of lawsuits in the United States and the UK.

They wanted us to delete our stories. We did not.

We will not be silenced. We are standing our ground. But we need your help.

Henley and Partners – the company selling Maltese passports – imposed an ultimatum. They threatened legal action if we failed to remove our story by 22 December. Henley and Partners also ordered The Shift not to publish the letter containing their demands, insinuations and threats. We published it because we believed the public had a right to know the pressures being imposed on independent voices.

We will continue our fight to defend freedom of expression, also against the dominance of political parties in Malta’s media landscape. There is no blue or red version of events, there are facts that are sacred. Full stop.

Your response to our work has filled us with determination to pursue our vision. Every week, more and more readers show us that there is a need for the work we do.

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