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The Shift is being threatened by Henley and Partners with lawsuits in the United States and the UK. They want us to delete our stories. We will not.

We will not be silenced. We are standing our ground. But we need your help.

Henley and Partners – the company selling Maltese passports – imposed an ultimatum. They threatened legal action if we failed to remove our story by 22 December. Henley and Partners also ordered The Shift not to publish the letter containing their demands, insinuations and threats.

We will not be withdrawing the story. We will continue our fight to defend freedom of expression.

Your response to our work has filled us with determination to pursue our vision –  the numbers are astounding. Every week, more and more readers show us that there is a need for the work we do.

Now we need your support. This news site is free from commercial or political interference and we will not be silenced.

Support our work. Help us give a voice to your perspective.

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