MFSA payments to Saviour Balzan for ‘positive content’ under review
Thousands of euro per month paid by the MFSA
AG’s presence on committee set to investigate Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers is in breach of law
Attorney General (AG) Victoria Buttigieg sits on the body
Attempt to bribe journalist highlights weaknesses
The alleged attempt to bribe a Times of Malta
Conclusions on Hillman-Schembri ‘graft’ inquiry expected shortly
Legal problems connected to disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph
Times of Malta says it will sue journalist
The Times of Malta has said it will be
Malta ‘popular’ destination for the Dos Santos business empire
Angolese billionaire Isabel dos Santos and her husband Sindika
Government targets journalist dismissed by Times of Malta
Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has joined MPs and government
They killed a journalist and created a monster
You have to ask what motivates a man to
Gargamel, you will be missed
Ivan Fenech talked like he wrote, without wasted words.
OSCE support for Times of Malta’s refusal to disclose sources
The Times of Malta’s refusal to disclose its source
‘Withdraw warrants of Brian Tonna and Karl Cini’ – MEP David Casa
The Accountancy Board should convene a disciplinary committee to

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