Well that didn’t last very long, did it?
Robert Abela cast a faint glow of hope during
Anti-corruption protest held in Valletta
Hundreds of people stood outside Parliament to send a
EXCLUSIVE: Mizzi’s nomination ‘incomprehensible and disturbing’ – OSCE
Robert Abela’s nomination of former minister Konrad Mizzi to
UPDATED: Prime Minister stalls on Mizzi amid calls for people to return to the streets
Updated to include statement by Repubblika. After civil society
If this is governance…
This has been the week in which the Prime
Restoration won’t fix flawed democracy
It’s easier to gain five kilos than to lose
Failed promises lead to increase in waiting list for social housing
The number of people on the waiting list for
Abela’s government ‘doesn’t feel anger it should be feeling’ – Caruana Galizia
Robert Abela’s government “doesn’t feel the kind of anger
Malta misses European Council hearing on membership obligations
No representatives from the Maltese government attended a hearing
Exhaustion, hope and opportunity
The end of January is drawing near, and the
Justyne Caruana resignation raises questions on Finance Minister and Attorney General
The tenability of other prominent individuals within the government
Resignation is not absolution
Robert Abela’s era is being heralded as a glorious
Keep an eye on fake news
To evaluate Robert Abela’s first week as Prime Minister,
Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar’s resignation ‘long overdue’
The resignation of police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, announced this
Robert Abela set a new record
On his first day in office, Abela gave to
Prime Minister Robert Abela has to give clear answers to society
The protests would not stop until concrete action was
Reporters Without Borders expects Abela to start office by ending impunity
International NGO Reporters Without Borders has called on Prime
Daphne’s sons send open letter to Council of Europe monitoring committee
The open letter by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation
Change, not continuity
During the Labour Party leadership campaign, Robert Abela was
Will Labour’s dark horse flop or run?
On having to carry out tricky reforms or steady
If this is normal
Sunday morning broke with the news that Robert Abela
Robert Abela faces the world
So, it’s Robert Abela, after all, who’s our next
What’s up double doc?
If I could, I’d remove both Robert Abela and
Should I stay or should I go?
The reverence with which both contenders have conducted themselves,
Pushing for change
A month ago, soon after Joseph Muscat announced his
The Unbearable Ugliness of Being Joseph
Kemm hu ikrah li tkun intom. (How ugly it
New prime minister has to defend the truth to create stability
Thousands of people gathered outside the law courts to
Joseph Muscat’s insurance policy
One week to go and Labour gets a new
Pieter Omtzigt’s Wikipedia page manipulated from Maltese ministry IP address
Dutch MP and Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Pieter
Labour Party leader candidates need to take the right bold decisions
An open letter to Labour Party candidates Chris Fearne