European Court of Human Rights rules against Malta in majority of cases
The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled
‘Impunity in any society erodes the rule of law’ – GRECO Executive Secretary
Malta needs an overall strategy and coherent risk-based approach
The Three Amigos Ride Again
The three Cabinet ministers with special involvement in the
The Attorney General’s unappealing intention
In this long read, Jacques René Zammit looks at
Sant’s rant is a distraction
Alfred Sant is unhappy that the European Court of
‘What worked in the past may no longer be valid today’
The Court of Appeal has rejected the appeal by
Can independent media survive where the rule of law is under threat?
A free and impartial media is the fourth pillar
‘It’s time to start an independent public inquiry’ – CoE Special Rapporteur
The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights within
Reporters Without Borders calls for PACE monitoring procedures on Malta
Leading international press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
Politics in Malta: doing favours, winning friends
The late Labour Party strongman, and former Prime Minister
The judges go marching in
When the President swore in the three new judges
New magistrate still registered as nominee company director
Such was the rush to appoint the new judges
‘We may not know who killed Daphne, we do know what killed her’
This was the reaction of lawyer and academic Justin
Disinformation Watch #30: Corruption is no ‘perception’
Malta has seen the sharpest decline in its Corruption
Undeserved respect for the judiciary
A legal bid by PN MP Simon Busuttil and
Venice Commission report critical of government’s intolerance of criticism
The Venice Commission insisted in its report published today
Venice Commission report shows ‘Malta is not a functioning democracy’
No country that calls itself a democracy can live
Confidential, you say?
I’m not proposing here to discuss whether Judge Scerri
Rizzo nomination: valid or not?
The news that former Police Commissioner John Rizzo had

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