Disinformation Watch #19: Unfreedom of expression
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said “I will not allow
When did we become like this?
Over the last few weeks, I have found it
Journalist abducted in Libya found – bound, tortured and 13 bullet wounds
The body of a Libyan journalist abducted on Tuesday
‘Murders of journalists cannot be tolerated in the EU’ – Justice Commissioner
Interview by Jane Whyatt The Justice Commissioner of the
Methodology of undermining the Fourth Estate 
As long as the Fourth Estate is seen as
New book sheds light on Daphne’s life and work
More than 20 friends, journalists, artists and academics have
Of Protests and Business as Usual
In today’s Malta the majority of Maltese people have
The Shift is your story
We are humbled by the positive reaction to the
The fourth pillar is dead, long live the fourth pillar
Part of the blame of the rule of law
Omertà – our collusion in the great corrupt takeover
The press did not choose to inform us about

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