Grand Theft Europe: Malta’s role in a scam worth €50 billion annually
Companies in Malta at the centre of scams by
A darkening horizon
Liberal critics of the current state of Maltese politics
Are they really out to get us?
Malta sure has a lot of enemies for such
A Tale of Two Maltas
We’ve never had it so good. We’ve never had
Malta government ranking on transparency takes another knock
Since 2016, Malta has dropped a total of six
1 in 5 pensioners at risk of poverty in Malta
The proportion of pensioners at risk of poverty in
5 things to look forward to in 2019
We did it. We have survived another year and
Hey, look over there!
Every time Joseph Muscat’s government is exposed with some
New beginnings, same old outcomes
PN leader Adrian Delia’s promised ‘New Way’ has seen
Why Brexit won’t happen
This article is later than planned because I am
PD: ‘Create wealth without destroying environment’
For years both major political parties have justified environmental
Wealth is not reaching those who need it most
In his customary New Year speech Prime Minister Joseph
A human economy
Free markets fail to give due consideration to the

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