10 NGOs call on Prime Minister not to open hunting season
A group of 10 environmental and cultural NGOs have
Trust the advice of health professionals
News cycles in the mainstream media have ground to
Press freedom organisations ask Venice Commission to review Hungary’s emergency law
International press freedom organisations sent an open letter to
Freedom Day: what freedom?
Forty-one years ago today, the British Navy withdrew from
Poachers taking advantage of reduced police resources due to COVID-19
Poachers are “taking advantage of reduced police resources,” according
Made in China? Perhaps not…
Just as countries around the world are rejecting and
Twist of irony: Sri Ram Tumuluri suing former business partner
The former chief executive of Vitals Global Healthcare, Sri
Confinement and the common good
A philosopher once said that if you are lonely
Steward: If not now, when?
During a press conference devoted to how seriously the
Mater Dei emergency doctors being sent to work at Steward’s Gozo Hospital
Emergency doctors who work at Mater Dei Hospital are
Crime in the time of COVID-19
Criminals have quickly seized the opportunities to exploit the
Refusal of Assange’s bail request condemned
A decision to refuse a bail request filed by
Global initiative to monitor attacks on the media during coronavirus 
Index on Censorship and the Justice for Journalists Foundation
Government spending on Steward Healthcare criticised
The government’s deal with Steward Healthcare, who owns and
Third economic measures package gets first nod by Chamber of SMEs
Following scrutiny of the government’s last two business assistance
Prominent retailers who wrote to Abela mum on own measures to help employees
Over a dozen of Malta’s prominent local businesses who
Role of Steward Healthcare questioned again in light of pre-fabricated hospital
The announcement of a government call for a pre-fabricated
The ugly behind the pretty: How disinformation is thriving on Instagram
The creation and spread of false or deliberately misleading
Life before and after ‘the war’
It takes a very short moment of reflection to
‘Gozo Hospital should serve as hospital, not health centre’ – Mater Dei doctor
A Mater Dei doctor “knee-deep” in the coronavirus outbreak
Labour’s playbook catches coronavirus
When they tell you it’s not about the money,
Steward Healthcare sending Coronavirus patients in Gozo to Malta
There is no clear contribution being made by Steward
Fiscal measures introduced should retain employees, not cater for unemployment
Fiscal measures to retain workers in employment are needed
Measures for business ‘flashy figures’ but ‘little once you work it out’ – Chamber of SMEs
The government’s €1.8 billion rescue package introduced on Wednesday
Virus brings out gentle side of the Maltese and the coldness of government
Similar to what we see in post-apocalyptic movies, the
COVID-19: Survey of SMEs shows 35% can’t cope
A survey carried out by the Chamber of Small
The meaning of life (rediscovering humanity)
“But what does it mean, the plague? It’s life,
S&P warns of dark clouds ahead, government blames Covid-19
Ratings agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) on 13 March
Gateway to a golden age
I did not think I would live to see
Coronavirus: common sense helps
Nature has thrown mankind a curveball, a virus that

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