Judges in the dock 
It was the Roman satirist Juvenal who asked, Who
What’s next? Cement shoes?
These guys don’t learn anything, do they? It’s not
The secret OPM advisor on the ITS deal with Silvio Debono was Alex Sciberras
The Shift can exclusively reveal that it was lawyer
Beyond the posturing
The Council of Europe has called on the Maltese
The People vs Joseph Muscat
As expected, disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat’s brazen
The emperor’s new watch
Joseph Muscat turned up before the Daphne Caruana Galizia
The 17 Black trail to Bangladesh
Updated with Right of Reply sent by Salman Rahman
Judges grill a defiant Joseph Muscat about ‘environment of impunity’
The inquiry board looking into the assassination of journalist
A whipping boy, indeed
Something has gone terribly wrong. Konrad Mizzi believes he
Konrad Mizzi denies kickbacks in monologue under oath but remains tight-lipped throughout questioning
Disgraced former Minister Konrad Mizzi on Friday followed in
Prime Minister’s Office silent over parliamentary secretary’s breach of contract
Prime Minister Robert Abela and Principal Permanent Secretary Mario
UPDATED: Banners mark one year since street protests led to political resignations
Updated to include follow-up statement by Occupy Justice on
No charges yet in sight despite police ‘show’ and leaks
As the mainstream media are being drip-fed leaks by
The loophole nation
In May 2017, during the election campaign in which
Attempt to bribe journalist highlights weaknesses
The alleged attempt to bribe a Times of Malta
Joe’s expensive smoke and mirrors
Joseph Muscat knew he was in trouble when Daphne
The legacy of a few men
The world is aware that Malta, under the premiership
Your cowardice and greed killed Daphne
It’s a strange coincidence that my 100th column for
Cyprus Papers leak renews EU scepticism on cash for passports
New findings on irregularities with the sale of passports
Who betrayed Joseph Muscat?
In the interview he gave TVM’s L-Erbgħa Fost il-Ġimgħa
No answers on €40 million excise tax bill
Mark Gasan did not explain to the public inquiry
A tale of wilful blindness
Electrogas director and shareholder Paul Apap Bologna was cautioned
Accountancy board slammed by judges over lack of action against Nexia BT
Judges grew increasingly frustrated with Accountancy Board Chairman Peter
Water Services Corporation gives €65,000 in direct orders to Nexia BT
Nexia BT, the company subjected to the court freezing
Muscatonomics and Abela
It’s the season of second waves. First, COVID-19; now,
Nexia BT’s licence to sell passports suspended
Brian Tonna’s Nexia BT licence to sell passports has
Special rapporteur urges AG to take ‘effective action’ on inquiries
Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt has urged
Louis Grech denies links with Brian Tonna under oath, despite former business ties
Former Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech on Friday denied
To be or not to be… under suspicion
Former prime minister Joseph Muscat is going to great