2019: The Shift’s investigation highlights
2019 was another significant year of investigative work for
Two years of The Shift: Malta’s only newsroom funded by readers
The Shift is two years old. We want to
Labour MEP spins conspiracy theories to cloud facts in Malta
Labour MEP Josianne Cutajar has not been around for
47 Days Until Race Day
Each morning I meet the same labrador- a thoroughly
An allergy to responsibility
An epidemic is sweeping across Malta. It has already
Where do MEP candidates stand on environmental protection?
Birdlife Malta has called on all MEP candidates to
Herrera, where is your accountability?
While the white flags are being torn apart in
Shocking new findings predict more plastic than fish in our seas
We are facing a not too distant future where
2018: A year of investigations
This has been a busy year for The Shift
Why are taxpayers forking out €1.4m to permit more air pollution?
In a recent report by the European Environment Agency,
Taxpayers set to fork out millions for plastic free beaches, but is it all a scam?
While government ministers have been falling over themselves for
Better late than never, or is it?
Monday, 11 October, started as a day no different
Justice through the looking glass
If you want to understand the government’s intent, you
Mistra Bay gets breathing room as several caravans vacate the area
Mistra Bay may finally be able to breathe a
Government hid LNG agreement with Azerbaijan from European Commission
The government went through great effort to hide a
When the price is right  
“Joseph Muscat paid the price back in November when
Council of Europe issues alert on SLAPP threat against Malta media
The Council of Europe’s platform for the protection of
‘Maltese army endangered lives of asylum seekers’ – report
The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) endangered the lives
The consequence of Joseph Muscat
Since Joseph Muscat came to power in 2013, with
Two directors reappear as agents on IIP list
Updated to include the response from the company. Two
Who belongs in Malta?
The drive-by shooting of three migrants shows us that
Big fish in a small pond
The permit given by the Planning Authority to Azzopardi
Wrongful execution
This is a guest post by Kristina Abela. The
Disinformation Watch #32: Trump and Muscat’s playbook – ‘get out of jail free’
Populist strongmen use the same disinformation tactics wherever they
Shooting down good fortune
Storks are not just beautiful, they are intricately bound
Revealed: Doctored report shows extent of collapse of rule of law
The report on the rule of law in Malta