Our Standards

At THE SHIFT, our focus is original reporting. Our aim is not to report everyday news and events but to analyse and give context to news, and to expose our own investigative stories as opposed to planted news.

We will dig deeper rather than relay what is already being said. In an age where readers are increasingly unable to distinguish between real and fake news, we strive to be the point of call for factual and verifiable information.

Rather than allowing institutions, political parties and commercial groups to set our agenda, we aim to set their agenda on issues in the public interest.

We seek to be fair in our coverage. At THE SHIFT, we believe in fair reporting but this does not mean that we strive for ‘balance’ at the cost of ignoring indisputable evidence.

We also strive to contextualise official statements and stands so readers can arrive at informed conclusions. Our journalists must also be accurate in their reporting; rigorous, comprehensive, and ethical in their methods; and transparent with readers about how they have arrived at their conclusions. And when we make mistakes, we hold ourselves accountable.

It is a priority for THE SHIFT to give a voice to civil society. We commit to investing our best efforts in bringing you their stories through journalism that works in the public interest.

Our Awards and Media Partners

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