Our Goals

The Shift is an online news platform committed to fair and incisive journalism and in-depth political, cultural and social commentary aimed to inform and entertain.

We are editorially committed to our belief in good governance, European liberal values, social inclusion and environmental protection.

Our mission is to:

1) To expose corruption and bad governance through fair and in-depth investigative journalism.

2) To provide a platform where documented and verifiable information provided by whistle-blowers is filtered to reach a wide audience, fully protecting the identity of sources.

3) To provide daily commentary and analysis of social, political and cultural developments in the country.

4) To provide a platform to civil society and support, organise and crowdfund campaigns for good governance, environmental protection and social inclusion.

5) To provide a human angle to stories documenting social and environmental
injustices, or which celebrate social inclusion and integration.

6) To entertain readers with irreverent commentary on lifestyle and culture, as well as
political satire, while keeping our focus of balancing out hate speech and unjustified
personal attacks that have come to dominate social media commentary and blogs.

Our Awards and Media Partners

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