Labour is the eternal underdog, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Losing Joseph Muscat’s religion
There’s a joke by Emo Philips that goes “I
Malta: A haven for tax evaders
A National Statistics Office (NSO) report again confirmed that
Making up our mind
“History is written by the victors” is an old
Killing a journalist a second time
It’s 10 months down the line, and the only
This is not about bullying
The events of the past three weeks have been
A one-party state in the making 
March 2008. In what turned out to be a
The triumph of reverse snobbery 
Not so long ago, Labour supporters were the victims
Hurling down the accuser 
‘Vindicate’ and ‘vindictive’ are two words commonly confused. Although
Why do the Maltese vote for corrupt politicians?
The Lovin Malta poll published this week provides striking
Domestic violence in Malta – a sorry state of affairs
In 2017 alone, there were 1,257 reports of domestic
Nothing is going to stop Muscat now 
So there you have it. Joseph Muscat is unquestionably
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
There is one “ruthless mastermind” the country is after
6 things to keep in mind about the Egrant inquiry
Despite the Attorney General’s apparent objections, Prime Minister Joseph
Why Brexit won’t happen
This article is later than planned because I am
Make tourism great again
Chopping down trees, pouring concrete straight into the sea,
Edward Scicluna must go
Brussels has warned Malta it would face court action
Reclaiming our democracy
“The era of liberal democracy is over,” Hungary’s Prime
Racism, a symptom of something worse
In 1995, Umberto Eco gave a lecture outlining Ur-Fascism,
Mafia behind Italy’s anti-immigrant rant
Lega Nord’s increase in popularity in Italy’s southern region
‘Recognise the important role civil society plays in shaping democracy’ – UN report
Rising populism, the stigmatization of civil society and restrictions
Nationalism is the new black
Nationalism is on the rise and it does not
Welcome to Malta, where saving lives is a crime, but fuel smuggling isn’t
The captain of the MV Lifeline was taken to
NGOs are doing what the EU is unwilling to do
We live in an upside down world. Take Malta,
Your guide to dismantling a democracy
It is becoming increasingly evident for those of us
Confidential, you say?
I’m not proposing here to discuss whether Judge Scerri
Malta and Azerbaijan: A sordid love affair
Just when everyone thought that the Panama Papers were
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