Unfit for office, and oblivious
He was screwing his face up, scowling and frowning,
Platform to combat disinformation discussed at Croatian media festival
A pilot project to create a platform that will
83% of Maltese believe EU funds should only go to countries that respect rule of law principles
More than four-fifths of Maltese respondents to the EU’s
A frenzy of coincidental spending
Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo dished out funds to three
Solar farm proposals rejected by academics, farmers, NGOs, opposition party
Two proposed solar farm projects in Mġarr and Burmarrad,
Lethal disinformation
For disinformation to be effective, it needs to have
Voters held to ransom
As speculation about a possible November election intensifies, the
Facebook’s WhatsApp privacy pledges undermined by ‘improper content’ reviewing system
An investigation by the US non-profit newsroom ProPublica found