A dirty bill of health
No well-governed country is immune from corruption. Normally, however,
Identity Malta and Hitchens’ Razor
The late Christopher Hitchens, scourge of humbuggery, once formulated
The battle for our minds
Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s strategy, from a position
Journalists should be pussycats not watchdogs
The implications of last week’s court decision by Judge
It’s my turn to eat
If you watched it, you’ll remember how you felt
The inquiry of forking paths
All eyes have been on the Board members of
Spinning away an award
Had Caroline Muscat won the Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
Ending the siege mentality
One of the dominant ways in which we think
In favour of development
Moviment Graffitti has a great slogan – Iż-żejjed kollu
Freedom stuck in the middle seat
If I had to compare the fate of liberty
The Jekyll and Hyde of equality
Several times in the early part of his premiership,
It’s about injustice, not only trees
We knew it already but the government’s actions underline
Yes, the Attard protests are political
Of all the lessons that history teaches us about
If Adrian Delia is the answer, what is the question?
Adrian Delia obtained 67% of the confidence vote held
Daphne under the Satanists’ Sun
It is time to make amends. I have long
A public inquiry judges us, not the assassins
So, the Foreign Minister, Carmelo Abela, states that the
Chameleon and leopard
He had it in his grasp, only to fall
Worse than Mongolia but better than Germany
One fine February day, eight months before Daphne Caruana
Horses for EU courses
Last month’s European Parliament (EP) election result – its
Joseph Muscat’s Haiku
Most European political leaders campaign in poetry, then govern
If you’re consistent, you’re not credible
Every so often, we get an arresting view of
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
These days, it seems the Maltese public is doing
The skill behind the billboards
Electoral results matter more than billboards, which in any
The vote as a message
Many people are wondering how to vote on Saturday.
How to fail as a State
It is easy to trip up over the details
The real choices in the European Parliament election
The first leaders’ debate on TVM didn’t matter. We
The judges go marching in
When the President swore in the three new judges
How to prove the Press Freedom Index wrong
So, this year’s World Press Freedom Index reports that
Circus without nets
A unfortunate misunderstanding is haunting Europe. It just doesn’t
A darkening horizon
Liberal critics of the current state of Maltese politics