Some are more equal than others

Someone committed perjury in Malta but no one’s been arrested.

That was the latest development in the compilation of evidence against Yorgen Fenech. As with so much else in this case, the stories just didn’t add up.

The most recent witness to take the stand was Dr. Adrian Vella, Fenech’s family doctor.

Vella was caught smuggling a letter to Fenech that outlined a plan to pin the journalist’s murder on former Economy Minister Chris Cardona. He claims it was given to him by Keith Schembri.

Schembri testified at the independent public inquiry in June that he had “certainly not” given Vella any papers to hand to Fenech.

Someone’s clearly lying to the court. Either Schembri committed perjury or the doctor did, but no one’s been charged.

Vella remarked that when he passed the papers to Fenech, the accused mastermind looked at them and said, “If I go down, everyone goes down with me.”

Not ‘he goes down with me’, as in Schembri, but “everyone goes down with me”.

How many people were directly involved in the plot to kill Daphne? And how many knew it was coming and looked away?

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