Don’t you dare call us fatties

Anyone who has followed the career of Boris Johnson will not have been surprised at his “fat shaming” of a nation.  This was typical buffoonery and Boris observers expected no better.  The only difference this time was that the Maltese were the butt of the joke and we didn’t like it.

His comment has caused a surprising degree of offence to this island nation. It was unashamedly offensive and any decent being would apologise – we won’t hold our breath.

Many have taken to social media to post about the UK prime minister’s fat shaming, pointing out that he is quite the chubster himself. The response has been universal indignation with people from all social strata coming together in defence of our island nation.

Yet, you cannot argue with the bare facts – Malta does have an obesity problem which the government has consistently failed to tackle.  But again, observers of the current Maltese government expect no better as it has without exception taken the position that money is more important than the lives and welfare of its citizens.

Now I could do with shifting a couple of kilos myself, hitting 50 has not been good to my waistline.  I am no gym bunny and my experience of these hell holes is not good and, to be honest, I don’t see why I should have to pay in order to exercise.

A while back I had a go at jogging. Living not far from Ta’ Qali provided the perfect opportunity, or so I thought…honestly how does anyone manage to jog on the roads around this area, constant abuse from passing drivers when they’re not clipping you as they drive past and the road itself undulates all over the place so you are continually losing your footing.

So instead I gave the park a go and being a dog owner too this provided the perfect solution for both of us to shape up or so it should have. What is the problem with picking up after your dog? Literally every few paces there was another pile.

Thought swimming might be the option that would work for me, it was my first love as a child, many happy memories swimming around Sliema and St Julian’s. So off I went thinking I would plunge into the sea of my memories. I stayed in the water for five minutes and got out. It was filthy, and I learnt first hand how offensive this fish slime is. Trust me, it’s up there with Boris.

The irony of this whole situation is that if the people were even half as indignant about the theft of public funds and the rampant corruption as they are about Boris’ fat shaming comments then Malta would be a very different place and possibly a healthier country too.

But the message seems to be that it’s okay to call us a nation of thieves and criminals. But don’t you dare call us fatties.

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