‘EU climate law proposal is a surrender’

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg has criticised the new law proposed by the EU Commission to address climte change, calling it “a surrender”, when speaking before the European Parliament’s Environmental Committee last week.

Thunberg called on Europe to lead the way in the fight against climate change. “In November 2019, you said that climate change was an existential threat. Now you must prove that you mean it.”

Thunberg argued that nature cannot be bargained with. “We will not be satisfied with anything less than science-based pathway as it is the best possible chance to safeguard life on Earth as we know it.”

“You cannot make deals with physics. We will not allow you to surrender our future,” the teenage activist said.

During the debate that followed her opening address, the MEPs referred to the challenge of bringing other continents onboard to raise climate ambition before the Glasgow climate conference to take place in November.

Several MEPs said raising the EU’s 2030 goals from 40% to 55%, as proposed by the European Parliament, would already be ambitious, but was met with resistance from Member States.

The Chair of the Committee Pascal Canfin said after the meeting that winning the battle against climate change required the energy of youth.

“Here in Parliament, and notably in the Environment Committee, we are fighting for climate neutrality in 2050. The climate law that was presented today cannot deceive young Europeans who are mobilised for the climate and all European citizens, and we must therefore succeed.”

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