Attard residents ask for help in their opposition to development of virgin land

Attard residents have called on the public to support them in their opposition to the development of a large stretch of virgin land along Dun Mikiel Xerri Street that will see buildings rise as high as 17.5 metres.

Residents are requesting the help of the people in submitting objections for the proposed development of 10 garages, four maisonettes, nine apartments and two penthouses in the newly included area for development.

“The area in question is at the end of the development boundaries and according to the recent approval by the Planning Authority can allow up to 17.5m in height. The residents have already expressed their disapproval before the decision was taken by the Planning Authority and will continue to oppose against the development on this large virgin land which is used and enjoyed by the community,” the Attard residents said in a statement.

The 15,581 square metre site, mostly agricultural land, was rendered developable in the controversial 2006 rationalisation exercise.

Expressing their concern that no studies were carried out prior to accepting the zoning application, residents said that “we are also worried about the quality of life and the lack of impact studies which will impact adversely the life of the residents in this area.”

Furthermore, the residents added that if development applications will be approved in the future, the height limitation should be in according to that of existing bungalows in the area.

Partit Demokratiku and Alternattiva Demokratika are also opposing the plans, while the Environment and Resources Authority warned that new road plans in Attard will result in the “uptake of extensive stretches of arable land” and will have “direct and indirect effects on protected trees”.

Pointing out that no comprehensive studies of the area have been carried out, the residents that no development should be approved before the studies are concluded.

Among others, residents are demanding social impact assessments, traffic impact assessments, environmental impact assessments and a comprehensive seasonal survey of flora and fauna including an assessment of their rarity and their national significance.

They are also demanding agricultural impact assessments and studies related to flooding and its mitigation should also be carried out prior to approving any development. The land also serves to hold water when it rains preventing the streets from flooding badly.

The deadline for submission of objections is 16 February 2018 and they can be submitted through the PA website or alternatively via email on:


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